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Welcome! Every day is a new day to begin anew. We get caught up in our judgments of what we’re not doing and get preoccupied with the completed past and imagined future. No matter what bad habit or misjudgment we are upset about, the reality is the present is what we have, and every day is a chance to ascent forward. We are one thought away from having a big life-changing experience. One small change can multiple into many small gains. And sometimes our journey results in a full 360 degrees circle right back to the starting line.

What You’ll Find

Ascent Today is an online resource and community for your personal growth and wellness.

Our Top 11 Tuesday publication highlights a theme of self-improvement companies on the local and national level offering services and special offers to our members.

Hot News is a news bulletin to inform you of breaking news and discounts to help you along the way on your life’s journey.

In our Local Directory section, you can find every type of natural living and self-development business. We encourage you to explore and love your local community.

The National Directory has online courses, media sites, coaching, healthy eating and much more to explore.

The Travel Section is where you can find the best Spa and retreats including getaway savings packages for your mind, body, and soul.

And we are dedicated to sourcing the best Content to inspire and to gain the trust of our members speaking directly with no jargon, offering access to free articles committed to connecting with your purpose to unleash the potential you have.

When breakthroughs happen from caring for your self, it opens the door to the most significant reward of giving back and helping others.

Love How You Live and Ascent Today!


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